Hylucid - Project Decision Support

Do more with your working capital.

Analyze, Maximize Resources & Minimize Risk.

Choosing what projects to invest your time, money and talent in are critical for the future of your company. Hylucid supports decision makers like you in choosing which projects to fund that maximize your current goals and minimize failure.

No matter the goal; revenue growth, product or service independence, compliance, or core competency development you will be able to make a sounder decision on your project funding needs.

Customize your analysis to your current goals

Tell the system what is important to you now by setting your financial needs and qualitative importance levels.

Analyze up to 20 projects within 15 seconds

Import the projects you are interested in funding and let our system return combinations of projects that fit your current goals. Three recommended combinations are provided and you can review other combinations that fit your criteria.

Evaluate the risks affecting your projects

After our system has returned your combinations, you can find out more about the industry, macro-economic, political, terror, and historic risk factors affecting the success of your project. Using current and historic economic and project data you'll be able to get a broader understanding.

Gain greater insight on the customer trends that
impact your projects short-term

Find out more about the historic customer trends as it relates to your project. See customer spending habits for different project types and in different economic conditions.

Predict which projects decrease your chances of failure

View potential predictions on the chances that your projects may fail based on different circumstances and what the chances these circumstances will happen.